How to Replace Drawer Pulls on a Dresser

If you’re like a lot of people you have an old dresser or two that’s seen better days. Or maybe you like spending your weekends tromping through flea markets and garage sales looking for treasures or one-of-a-kind finds. Antique and vintage dressers can be a real steal, especially if they’re buried in layers of old paint or finish. Most people won’t want to bother with all the work of stripping and refinishing but you know a bargain when you see one. A little elbow grease (ok, maybe a lot of elbow grease) and some new drawer pulls and you’ll have a piece that’s worth at least ten times what you paid for it.

Of course a dresser doesn’t have to be old or valuable to benefit from a facelift and the real secret to any dresser makeover is in the hardware. It’s as easy as changing the old drawer pulls or knobs and you can find these at any home hardware store or home improvement center. If you’re working with a wardrobe, which is basically a dresser and closet combined, you can also find matching cabinet handles and hinges as well.

It’s Easy to Replace the Drawer Pulls and Knobs on Your Dresser

Replacing the drawer pulls on a dresser is a simple task. Just arm yourself with a screwdriver and you’re set to go. Most home hardware such as drawer pulls and cabinet handles are attached with Phillips head screws but if you have an antique piece the screws may just have a single slot. It’s important to remember that drawer pulls will generally have two attachment holes while knobs usually have just one. When replacing drawer pulls you’ll want to make certain your new pulls will line up with the same holes.

Make note of the length of the old screws. If the new ones are too long or too short you can always replace them with the right size screws. Just make sure they have the same thread size and diameter to fit the new drawer pulls or knobs. If you really want to change the style completely and the holes just aren’t going to line up with your new hardware, try looking for a matching back plate. Decorative back plates will let you drill a complete new set of holes while covering up the old ones.

Home Hardware Makes Dressers Versatile

When searching for your dresser hardware, you can use the same home hardware that you’d use for your kitchen and bath cabinet handles and drawer pulls. If you’re looking for a modern sleek look check out stainless cabinet handles and knobs. They’ll work just as well on a dresser and look great too. And remember dressers aren’t just for bedrooms.

Need a little extra storage in the bath? Take a small chest of drawers add stainless cabinet handles. It’s a great place for extra towels, shower and beauty products and hair driers and rollers.

Take an older dresser and a flea market table and chairs and paint every thing to match. Change the drawer pulls on the dresser, add a runner and you’ve just created a buffet and dining set. Dressers whether old or new are such versatile pieces of furniture and can be made to fit in almost any room of the home. What makes them even more versatile is the availability of almost limitless styles of cabinet handles and drawer pulls. So next time you’re out making the garage sale rounds and spy that lonely dresser, consider taking it home and let your imagination soar!

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10 Simple Steps For Do it Yourself Home Repairs

There are many house repairs and home improvements that are well within the ability of the average homeowner.

Ten of the most cost effective do it yourself home repairs – those with the biggest bang for the buck – are listed below.

Paint that room
Painting just may be the easiest, and the most valuable improvement any homeowner can make. If you are planning to sell your house, a new coat of paint can add thousands of dollars to the eventual purchase price. And if you are planning to stay put, new paint can brighten your rooms and brighten your moods. Best of all, painting requires little investment, little money and few supplies. A good paint roller, some brushes, paint stripper, and paint are generally all that are needed. These items are all available at your local home improvement store.

General cleaning
A good spring (or fall, or winter, or summer) cleaning can do wonders for both the value of the home and its livability. If there are parts of your home that have been needing a good cleaning for awhile, why not buy some polish, carpet cleaner or glass cleaner and get going? These simple do it yourself repairs can be as simple as thoroughly cleaning the inside and outside of all your glass windows, as well as the shutters and molding. In addition, cleaning brass fixtures and chandeliers can make them look better than new. Consider renting a power washer to clean dirty aluminum siding, or a steam cleaner to brighten up your carpets. General cleaning is one of the easiest and most effective of all do it yourself repairs.

Remodeling the kitchen and bathroom
New kitchens and bathrooms have been shown in surveys to provide the most resale value relative to their cost, so if your bathroom and kitchen could use some sprucing up, chances are that these do it yourself repairs can actually pay for themselves. Examples of common do it yourself repairs in the kitchen and bathroom include a good cleaning, new cabinet hardware, or new cabinets.

Reclaim your closet space
We all know that closets can quickly get out of control. It is all too tempting to just open the door and hide those unwanted or unneeded items in the closet. Redesigning your closet space is one home repair that will definitely help your quality of life, and help you reclaim your wardrobe. There are many do it yourself closet kits available at home improvement stores, on the internet and in department stores. Installation is generally simple and easy, and this do it yourself repair can usually be done over a weekend.

Brighten your home with new lighting
New lighting fixtures, or cleaning and reclaiming old ones, is one of the most cost effective do it yourself home repairs that a homeowner can make. Penny wise homeowners can use simple rope lights and fluorescent light fixtures to achieve the same dramatic effects as more expensive custom designed under cabinet lighting. These rope lights and fluorescent lights are widely available at home improvement stores and on the internet.

Don’t forget the outside of your home
While you are busy inside painting, installing lights, fixing the closets, and remodeling the bathroom, does not forget the importance of the exterior of your house. After all, your home’s exterior is the first thing you, and everyone else sees. Examples of popular do it yourself home repairs for the exterior of the home include painting the front door and installing a great new doorknob and door knocker. Other exterior improvements can be as simple as trimming overgrown shrubs, planting flowers and keeping the grass neat and trimmed.

Toss that old carpet
Replacing old and worn out carpet is one of the easiest and most inexpensive of all do it yourself home repairs. Carpet that is in poor condition affects both the value and the livability of the home, and the many do it yourself carpet kits make ripping up the old carpet and installing the new carpet a relatively simple matter.

Perform simple plumbing repairs
While fixing a clogged toilet may require the help of a professional plumber, there are simple do it yourself home repairs that most homeowners can do for themselves. These diy repairs include fixing dripping faucets and installing new, modern bathroom fixtures.

Spruce up your entrance way
The sidewalk leading up to your home should make a good first impression and welcome guests to your home. If your entranceway is lacking, the installation of colorful stepping stones or other special touches is a great and beautiful do it yourself home improvement.

Don’t overlook the simple repairs
Simple diy repairs such as a stuck cabinet drawer or burned out light bulbs are easy do it yourself home repairs. It is a good idea to walk through the home with a tablet in hand. Take note of any diy repairs that need done. Write down each item and take this list with you when you visit the hardware store.

Change Your Home Decor With Drawer Pulls

The summer season is steadily approaching. The warm summer season includes necessary tasks such as mowing the lawn, putting away your winter wardrobe and barbecues outdoors with your family and friends. Additionally, the summertime is a great time to tackle long overdue home renovations and minor do-it-yourself projects. One minor yet essential decorating project is to change your current home décor with new drawer pulls. Changing your drawer pulls can instantly make any room look entirely refurbished without the accompanying headache, dust or chaos. If changing your drawer hardware seems overwhelming, keep the following guidelines in mind.

Guideline #1: Make a List
Whether it is a list of stores to stop in on Saturday afternoons or the weekly grocery list, lists help keep homeowners organized. Keeping a list of the rooms you would like to redecorate will involve multiple lists. For each room you would like to tackle, you should have a separate sheet of paper. In each room, you should account for the number of cabinets, drawer pulls, hinges and floor registers; these are the smaller hardware pieces you will need to match in material and finish.

Guideline #2: Establish Your Style
Before even considering purchasing or replacing anything new in your home, you should evaluate each room. Is there already an established theme or style? Does each room’s individual style flow nicely into the adjoining rooms as well as the overall décor of the home? With each room’s style in mind, you should consider and write down the colors, styles, finishes and other home accents that contribute to the overall design. This will help you later determine what colors, materials and designs in drawer hardware will compliment each room.

Guideline #3: Ask for Help
While hiring a professional to conduct home renovation projects might save you a headache, for smaller projects such as replacing your cabinet accessories, a professional is not only unnecessary but wasteful. Use the money you will save by doing this renovation project yourself toward the budget for your new cabinet knobs, pulls and handles. Instead of a professional, however, ask your neighbors, friends and relatives for tips and pointers on what styles, sizes and materials work – and don’t work-in their homes. Their advice is invaluable, especially if you have smaller children.

Guideline #4: Get Shopping
Once you have determined the material, style and finish of cabinet accessories you’d like, its time to get shopping! Especially for busier homes, you might not have time to run out to the nearest hardware store to browse their available accessories. An even easier solution is to browse online. Not only do online stores typically offer a larger variety (including hard to find styles or unusual designs) but also, online stores usually provide a discount for larger or bulk purchases – which means even more money in your pocket.

Guideline #5: Remove, Replace & Relax
Once you have purchased your new cabinet knobs, you are almost finished your home decorating project. With a screwdriver, gently unscrew all hinges and screws that mount the cabinet knobs, drawer pulls and finger wells to their respective cabinet fronts. Remove any back plates (if any) that correspond with any handles. Keep all the old parts in a sealable bag so that no screws or smaller bits are left behind. The easiest way to remove and replace these cabinet hardware units is to remove one handle and immediately install the newer fixture before moving onto the next cabinet. This way, you will eliminate the possibility of missing any handles. Repeat the steps above throughout each room in your home that you have elected to update.

Once all your rooms have newer, shiny cabinet fixtures, it’s time to relax and enjoy your hard work. Congratulate yourself on a job well done, especially with all the money you saved. It’s now time relax and enjoy the sunshine outdoors!

DIY Fitted Wardrobes – Functional and Stylish Space Savers

DIY Fitted wardrobes offer people an elegant answer to their storage quandaries. If you are living in an aged home or you are in a tight budget then perhaps you don’t have the extravagant built-in closet. DIY Fitted wardrobes are very costly for the reason that they are custom and built-in unlike some freestanding closet where you just purchase them at the mall and deliver immediately at home. In order to benefit from one of these means to spend more money but will really allow you to make the most of your space in the room. For any houses that may have angled ceilings, these types of wardrobes are a must to save a lot of storage space.

One important reminder is to choose first-class quality DIY fitted wardrobes because this is the main point of your whole room. You want the size of it to be big. It should be a lot bigger than your filing cabinet for example. Choose one that has nice wood grain on it preferably matching the grain of your bed frame. This complementing appearance is why it’s vital to go to a more advanced design that mimics old-style cabinetry. This old-style look is nice because it can use a lot of moulding. The color white is a typical crowd pleaser. You can always pick the best choice standard moulding at any hardware shop and turn that into something special.

If you’re not a fan of the old-style look then consider a modern type that features sliding doors. Primarily when made to order, this type can be very luxurious and there will be additional costs to consider. Occasionally you can also get some items at malls that quite reasonably but not customizable. Another style of the modern DIY fitted wardrobe could have glass doors that are covered either with metal or wood edges. Black frosted glass can also obtainable depending on your budget. In this circumstance, the room will look more fashionable, decent and shiny and is a main and turning point of every home-owner.

Be certain that your DIY fitted wardrobe must work and fit within the design of your home. If your home is a contemporary type, then a luxurious dark glass fits in this situation. If your home is like a country home, then perhaps choosing wooden wardrobes would be more suitable to fit the space. You could even change to straps of elephant hide to cover around the handles for a really countryside kind of appearance or you can also decorate with faux finishes to look more fashionable. Regardless of your home style choosing some metalwork adds a nice touch especially when it comes to hinges.

It’s important to invest proper time and effort over your different choices. One innovative way to do is to integrate open shelving. DIY fitted wardrobes with open shelving will let you display some of your fashionable shoes. You can even add lights. You can hang your sculpture. Whatever creations you can think of, just make sure that you leave more storage space to make it a fine-looking component in your room instead of just being purposeful. This wonderful piece of furniture contributes a big part to character and appearance of the room where it will reside.

Kitchen Hardware – Perfect For a New Or Remodeled Kitchen

If you’ve recently undergone a kitchen remodeling project, you have probably given the large elements of your kitchen a makeover. From new appliances to new flooring, your space has completely transformed. Now that you’ve tackled the big home repairs, it’s time to accessorize your kitchen and give it the pizzazz it deserves. Although you may not always think about them, the small details in your kitchen are what ultimately bring together your decorative theme. Kitchen hardware doesn’t take up a lot of space, and it’s one of the most inexpensive decorative elements that your kitchen houses. By adding decorative and coordinated home hardware into your new kitchen, you make your redesigned space even better. Although they’re small in size and price, these detailed pieces make a big impact on your room.

Kitchen remodeling doesn’t end after the wood flooring has been laid and the countertops have been installed. Although these are beautiful pieces that will last in your home for years to come, it’s important to compliment them with kitchen hardware that will enhance your design. By just concentrating on the large elements of your room, you’re not allowing your space to reach its full decorative potential. Think of the end tables in your home. Although they’re strong, decorative pieces by themselves, they’re even better when you place an interesting lamp or vase on them. Things like door handles and cabinet knobs are small accents in the room, but with the right selection – they can enhance the larger elements in the room. Your brand new cabinets might be absolutely gorgeous alongside your stainless steel appliances. By adding sleek, silver cabinet door handles to your cabinets – you’ve instantly coordinated your appliances to your cabinetry. With thousands of ways to make kitchen hardware decorative and complimentary, you’ll be able to find the right accents for your current decorative theme.

By choosing kitchen hardware that is beautiful, yet traditional – you’ll be adding pieces into your space that will continue to grow with your kitchen. It’s a fact that home decorating trends are constantly changing. Just like our wardrobes, pieces we own constantly go in and out of style. When choosing home hardware, you have the option to go with pieces that are classic. With these classic additions you won’t have to worry about also changing your kitchen hardware when you replace other elements in the room like flooring and appliances. Less work means less stress.

Another great thing about kitchen hardware is that you don’t have to undergo another kitchen remodeling project just to install them. Many homeowners are under the impression that every single home repair project has to mean large amounts of time and money spent. This definitely does not apply to installing things like door handles and drawer pulls. Although these are pieces that will make an impact, they can easily be installed in just a few hours. Without dragging out a whole cavalcade of tools, you’ll be able to add beauty and detail into your home. If you’re looking for a beginners project, a project to do with the kids, or just something to occupy yourself on a rainy day, installing kitchen hardware is a perfect solution.

So whether you have recently undergone the big kitchen remodeling project, or you’re simply looking for a way to add a bit of detail into your kitchen – considering decorative, colorful, detailed, or even traditional kitchen hardware is an inexpensive and easy solution for you. The large elements in your kitchen are typically the first things visitors notice, but without the small details in the room – their design is greatly compromised. By taking every design aspect into consideration when remodeling or redecorating – you can be sure that your kitchen will reach it’s maximum decorative potential.